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Our Mission

YEA! offers training in a unique, high quality and hands-on manner. The operation of YEA! is possible thanks to partnership with the business community, social organisations, the academic community and government. The success of YEA! is based on the interactive commitment that we expect from all participants in the training program.

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YEA! Awards 2024

We aspire to open doors so that our designs can be implemented in line with Sustainable Development Goals, thus inspiring people to shape the future in a sustainable manner.

YEA! After School

A program aimed at creating opportunities for improved learning outcomes for students from grades 6-11, employment prospects for excellent graduates, and positive socio-economic effects for the families of these students

Social Activities

YEA! within the scope of its purpose projects, it organizes the implementation of various social projects in the community.


As part of Erasmus+ projects, we collaborate with European partners to enhance education and cultural exchange, fostering a more interconnected and enriched learning environment for all involved.

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