YEA! Debate Award_vol.1

Democratic processes and values cannot be learned by heart. Their development requires a mixture of listening, convincing argumentation, and the willingness to engage with one another. Debate clubs provide a good platform for this, and in the Anglo-Saxon world, students have been competing against each other in a contest of words for decades.

The first year in Shkoder, debating clubs in the form of competitions will be established by YEA! – Young Entrepreneurs Albania. Young Entrepreneurs Albania, celebrate the power of discourse and critical thinking among our future leaders. This event showcases the intellectual abilities of Shkodër’s brightest students as they engage in thought-provoking debates on pressing issues. These young minds are not just participants; they are the key components of change, soft skills that will shape Albania’s future.

Every debate will be based on constructive and well-chosen topics which will be focused on three main fields : education, economy and climate.

Participants will have the possibility to interact with other bright-minded youngsters throughout the competition whilst taking part in these well-led discussions in the form of debates. You will also have the honor to meet and engage with well known professionals related to this field of study and more. Furthermore you will gain experience in debating and facing with opposite opinions while learning more argumentative and convincing skills.

YEA! is proud to support and nurture their potential, fostering a community of thoughtful and articulate individuals who will drive innovation and progress. Join us in applauding these remarkable young debaters for their outstanding contributions to our society.


  • Create your team (3 participants required)
  • Register by filling in the form down below at the end of this page. (27.10.2023 23:59) (Registration form should be filled only by one of the three team members)
  • Participate in the info-session taking place on October 27th taking place at Business Incubator atelie, 2nd floor.
  • Wait for the instructions that will be sent to you by email from YEA! Team.

Important dates throughout the competition:

  • After successfully registering to YEA! Debate competition, you will be invited to participate in the info-session on October 27th 2023 . During the workshop you will fully understand the rules and the way how the competition will work , and how the YEA! Debate will work.
  • On October 28th you will be informed by email about the draw team that you will face in the first round of YEA! Debate and also about the topics each of the teams will have to prepare for.
  • 02.11.2023 – YEA! Debate Round 1.
  • 06.11.2023 – YEA! Debate Round 2.
  • 08.11.2023 – YEA! Debate Round 3.
  • 11.11.2023 – YEA! Debate Final (Declaring the Winner Team, Certificating all the participants)

Prizes that YEA! offers for YEA! Debate program:

  • Grand prize : 600, — Euro for the winning team (200, — Euro each team member of the winning team).
  • Participation Certificate.
  • Free workplace in the co-working space of YEA! Business Incubator Atelie for up to 6 months.

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