YEA! Debate Award 2023 – Grand Finale

The echoes of passion and intellect still resonate after an unforgettable night at the YEA! Debate Award 2023 – The Grand Finale!

To every participant, your brilliance painted the stage with dedication, and for that, we extend our deepest gratitude.

To the teams that took their final bow, your journey was a symphony of perseverance and courage. Your presence enriched our event, and your impact will forever linger in our hearts.

A profound thank you to our distinguished jury; your discernment transformed the event into a mosaic of excellence. Your commitment to the art of debate has left an indelible mark.

A thunderous applause to both finalist teams, embodying the spirit of champions!

Yet, to the ultimate victors, your triumph is a testament to your unwavering spirit, and we celebrate your exceptional achievement!

As we stand on the brink of a new chapter, we eagerly await the next expression of the YEA! Debate Award. May our collective journey be a symphony of growth, and may we continually strive for excellence.

Thank you for entrusting us with your passion, dedication, and for being the heartbeat of this extraordinary experience.

YEA! Debate Award 2023 (Vol. 1) Winners – Trea Garxeni, Matis Dionisi & Reina Hoxha

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