YEA! Social Projects

YEA! within the scope of its purpose projects, it organizes the implementation of various social projects in the community. In October 2020, with a unanimous decision of the leadership board, it was decided to change the action status of various humanitarian activities and social projects which aim to create social equality.

Thanks to the partnership with the Austrian society “Projekt Albanien, Verein für Entwicklungshilfe“, the YEA! Center monthly implements projects based on the principles of “self-help” and “development aid“. The focus of some projects are young people in vulnerable situations where training, informal education as well as direct assistance or various information, which is made to create a positive impact on those who need it most. 

For the realization of projects, the YEA Center! created partnerships with Civil Society organizations, State and Local Institutions, which support and unite the projects and initiatives that the YEA! Center! undertakes.