Brainstorming & Idea Finding – YEA! Awards 2024 / Workshop #1

Date: 10th February 2024

Location: Youth Center Atelie, Shkodër, Albania

Organizer: YEA! – Young Entrepreneurs Albania

Workshop Facilitator: Ali Nerguti (Project Coordinator of YEA!)

Participants: Over 70 students aged 15-20 years old

Overview: On the 10th of February 2024, YEA! – Young Entrepreneurs Albania organized a dynamic workshop in Shkodër, Albania, focusing on “Brainstorming and Idea Finding” for young individuals aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship. Led by the experienced Project Coordinator, Ali Nerguti, the workshop aimed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and idea generation among the participants.

Key Highlights:

  1. Interactive Sessions: The workshop was designed to be highly interactive, engaging participants in various activities and discussions to stimulate their creativity and problem-solving skills. Through icebreakers, group exercises, and brainstorming sessions, attendees were encouraged to think outside the box and explore innovative ideas.
  2. Guidance on Brainstorming Techniques: The Workshop provided valuable insights into effective brainstorming techniques, emphasizing the importance of open-mindedness, collaboration, and divergent thinking. Participants learned how to generate and evaluate ideas systematically, allowing them to overcome creative blocks and develop innovative solutions.
  3. Case Studies and Examples: Real-life case studies and examples of successful entrepreneurial ventures were shared to inspire participants and illustrate practical application of brainstorming techniques. By analyzing these examples, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial process and learned valuable lessons from others’ experiences.
  4. Team Building: Collaboration and teamwork were integral components of the workshop, as participants were encouraged to work together in groups to tackle challenges and develop business concepts. By leveraging each other’s strengths and perspectives, teams were able to generate more diverse and innovative ideas.
  5. Pitching and Feedback: Towards the end of the workshop, selected groups had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the entire audience. This exercise not only allowed participants to practice their presentation skills but also received constructive feedback from their peers and facilitators, further refining their concepts.

Outcomes: The workshop proved to be a resounding success, with participants expressing enthusiasm and satisfaction with the learning experience. Many attendees reported feeling more confident in their ability to generate creative ideas and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. The practical skills and insights gained from the workshop are expected to empower young individuals in Shkodër to explore entrepreneurship and contribute to the local economy.

Conclusion: YEA! – Young Entrepreneurs Albania’s workshop on “Brainstorming and Idea Finding” provided a valuable platform for young individuals in Shkodër to unleash their entrepreneurial potential. Under the guidance of Ali Nerguti, participants gained valuable insights, honed their creative skills, and developed innovative business ideas. The success of the workshop underscores the importance of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth and equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Info: YEA! Awards 2024 is organized by YEA – Young Entrepreneurs Albania and financially supported by Rotary Club Saalfelden and in partnership with Bashkia Shkodër, Qendra Rinore Atelie, Projekt Albanien, YouthStart Europe Entrepreneurship Award and Next Generation Award Austria, We Grow Together and IFTE.