Our Mission


YEA! offers training in a unique, high quality and hands-on manner. The operation of YEA! is possible
thanks to partnership with the business community, social organisations, the academic community
and government. The success of YEA! is based on the interactive commitment that we expect from
all participants in the training program.



Frequently Asked Questions

In order to be part of the Next Generation vol. 5 Award & RYAS Changemaker you can click on the register button in the top right corner of the website or you can click the link below. Fill the information required in the formular and you have completed the registration


Navigating through the menu on top of the page you can find under PROJECTS- the  dropdown list  and select the category you want to be informed about so you can see the detailed information. You also can click the links below :

RYAS Changemaker

Next Generation Award vol.5

Under Profile there is a dropdown DOWNLOAD and there are all the information (*.pdf and *.doc ) and Templated you need to download so you can use.

You can also click the link below :


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