The “Familienpatenschaft” social project was launched some time ago to help 10 families in various aspects of their daily lives. The project focuses on three main areas: education, food good and housekeeping.

By supporting the project, the families receive 120 euros each month to meet their needs. 50,– € is used for educational purposes. Financial support also helps parents cover the cost of school books, uniforms, and school fees.

Another important area targeted by the project is the provision of food packages every month with the value of  40,– €. The families receive financial support to meet their nutritional needs and ensure a balanced diet. 

This project also supports the household management of the families with 30,– € monthly. The financial support enables the families to cover their basic needs such as important expenses. This helps families to live stable lives and focus on raising their children.

This project has a positive impact on the lives of the supported families. It has given them the opportunity to improve their financial situation and focus on their goals. The project has also helped raise awareness of community needs and bring about positive change.