Food package distribution

The Municipality of Shkoder has initiated a food distribution program to support families in need. The program involves distributing 30 food packages every month to selected families. The purpose of this report is to describe the process of distributing the food packages and to provide an evaluation of the program’s effectiveness.

The Municipality of Shkoder has a database of families in need, which is regularly updated by social workers. Based on the database, the municipality selects 30 families each month to receive food packages. The families are chosen based on their economic situation, and the selection is done in a transparent manner.

Once the families are selected, the municipality informs them of the date and time of the food package distribution. The distribution takes place at a designated location in the city, and the families are asked to bring their ID cards for verification purposes. The food packages consist of basic food items such as rice, pasta, oil, sugar, and canned goods.