Meet our Team

Gernot Scheffknecht
Founder & President of YEA!
Ali Nerguti
Board Member / Project Coordinator
Alfonz Lazri
Creative Director
Jetmir Banishta
Bekim Alibali
Entrepreneurship Trainer
Sonila Rustemi
Content Editor
Jeta Alija
Video Editor

Our Volunteer / Internship Program


Join us in

Join us in Volunteerism is defined as an unpaid activity for people to assist institutions, non-profit organizations, or individuals. The importance of volunteering is to enhance your social skills while helping others. These volunteer opportunities allow you to create new relationships and contacts, continuously meet people from multiple cultural backgrounds and enable you to take on new activities and work that you would like to try out. Volunteer options vary; some are online, such as volunteering in the fields of writing or design. Other volunteer opportunities are on site with an organization or conducting fieldwork in the same city or in several cities. As competition for graduate jobs increases, students need to think of new ways to set themselves apart from all the other equally qualified and skilled candidates. Graduates who have relevant work experience tend to be more valued by employers, and this makes internships an attractive prospect.