Terms and Agreement

Admission conditions


Terms & Conditions

I announce that, after signing this registration, I will accept and respect all the rules of YEA!.

  • I confirm that I will respect the code of behaviours, which requires members, staff and
  • participants to respect each other’s values, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, age and abilities.
  • Within the premises of YEA! smoking, alcohol and narcotics consumption are strictly prohibited.
  • Damage to equipment, walls, windows and all other vehicles located within the YEA! premises is
  • also prohibited.
  • Within the premises of YEA! inappropriate, aggressive and harmful behaviour towards the others is prohibited.
  • I Confirm that the YEA! Center has the right to have and use the photos and videos, in which I am present, taken during the activities where I participate, and to publish them on its social media. (Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.)
  • I accept the registration in the YEA Newsletter!