Women Empowerment Trainings

What are these trainings?

“Simple truths” – a cycle of meetings with young girls, women and mothers.

This cycle of six meetings will aim to invite the audience to a new way of communicating with children, of approaching motherhood and the dilemmas of their education. Issues of gender education, relationships of faith, relationships under the influence of technology and clashes between generations are the focus of each topic. The meetings are organized through the storytelling method, where the lecturer, through stories from real life and encouraging the audience to participate in the discussion, conveys the messages and aims to encourage reflective thinking on the topics covered.

Some of the topics:

1. “How to talk with children, the mechanisms of simple truths”

2. Being a parent means “putting your mind to it”

3. “Get up quickly”

4. “My baby’s nanny’s name is You Tube!”

5. “The baby’s house is being cleaned”

6. “The sea belongs to the brother”

Start of the project

End of the project