YEA! Next Generation vol. 5 Award 2021

YEA! Next Generation vol. 5 Award 2021


Welcome to YEA! Next Generation vol. 5 Award 2021

For the fifth year in a row, the competition of business plans will be held by the YEA! Center – Young Entrepreneurs Albania in cooperation with “Next Generation”. The purpose of this competition is to support and develop students’ entrepreneurial thinking and action, as well as their engagement and awareness. Our target groups are teams of students from gymnasiums and professional schools, who should have a group coach.

Nje Projekt IDE

Nje Plan Biznesi

Terms of participation and prices:


The competition is split into two categories, where in the first category participate only graduates. In this category, the business plan in the real market is elaborated and evaluated, meaning that complete business plan is required.

In the second category on the other hand can participate all students, except graduates and in this category the best business idea is required..

The prizes for the winners are:

Category I- Best Business Plan Award 2021 €350, —

Category II– Best Business Idea Award 2021 €250, —

Special price €150, —

Upcoming events:


  • 06 and 20 February & 06 and 20 March Training Workshops for registered teams
  • April 10, 2021 RYAS Changemaker Program semi-final
  • 04.2021 – 1.05.2021 Project improvements that will participate in the finale
  • 05.2021 – Submission of final reports and evaluation of the jury
  • 05.2021 – Program finale

For more information about the registration as well as the criteria that must be met to participate and win, please read the attached document.

To register, click the register button below.

The registration deadline is the 31st of January 2021.

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YEA! Next Generation vol. 5 Award 2021

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