WGT Online Conference 2020


Due the situation created in the world caused by COVID-19 , OWC decided to keep going on with the annual WGT conference online. As we all know restrictions in every country make it very difficult for the partners to meet so around 2 months now a team created from youngsters of the partner NGO-s from all over the world organized this online Conference. YEA was part of this management team as the Erasmus+ coordinator Alfonz Lazri was part of this team. The role of YEA in this conference is fundamental because the team of Albania that was part in the conferences previous years were part in this conference as participants in the live stream seminars and also in the zoom meetings. In a higher number than the participants from other countries.

YEA! Contribute in the Conference :

  • Management , Design and Technical skills ( to help in the organization )
  • Leading an Co-Creation Table
  • Hosting a “Campfire” activity 
  • Story telling about the inspiring journey of YEA in Erasmuss +

The WGT Team of Youngsters from 7 countries (see picture attached with almost all team members) organised the WGT Conference 2020 with a wonderful program to start Global collaboration. In this Conference participated youngsters from Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Georgia, Netherlands, Kenya, Kurdistan-Iraq, Nepal, Romania, Rwanda, Slovenia, Sudan, Syria, Sweden, Ukraine and new OWC countries!