YEA! Awards Finale 2023

On May 20, 2023, the entrepreneurial spirit was on full display at the prestigious “Loro Boriçi” Stadium as 20 talented young teams gathered to showcase their innovative projects and products.

Organized by the Young Entrepreneurs Albania (YEA!) in collaboration with many partners and donors, YEA! Awards Finale 2023 provided a remarkable platform for high school students to unleash their creativity and business acumen.

These youngsters filled with passion and determination, presented their projects in front of a captivated audience that included esteemed jury members, accomplished business professionals, and fellow students.

“Fair of Ideas” started with a short introduction by our 3 moderators: Jeta Alija, Mariela Kopshtari and Dardi Dibra, then followed by a opening speech by our CEO and Founder Mr. Gernot Scheffknecht.

Next Generation vol.7

For the seventh time in a row YEA! conducts the “Next Generation Awards” competition inspired by “Next Generation Award Austria”. In this competition, high school students can show their entrepreneurial skills in front of a jury of experts from different fields.

Best Business Plan Category Winners 2023
Gold Certificate
– “ESO -Everything Shkodra Offers” presented by: Luis Kagi, Daniel Pamuku and Andrea Suma
Silver Certificate
– “Albanian Box” presented by: Anamaria Shala, Denada Mahmuti and Kledi Sufaj
Bronze Certificate for 3 other projects:
– “SolarBAG” presented by: Iris Capaliku, Sibora Pllumbai, Erjon Leithize, Debora Kolgegaj and Elisa Marku
– “SHIROKANOE” presented by: Mario Mirijai, Sebastian Dionizi, Robert Gjura, Justin Alia and Noel Boci
– “Magji nga e kaluara” presented by: Lediana Lasku, Klevin Preci, Xhulia Preci, Greta Ndoj and Albina Zhuri

Best Business Idea Category Winners 2023

Gold Certificate
– “IN-N-OUT Shkodra” presented by: Klaudio Shkalla, Domeniko Ndou, Esmeralda Nurce and Erlisa Elbasani

Silver Certificate 
– “EOS – Energy Output System” presented by: Ergi Mandija, Keona Kalaja, Amanda Isufi and Aurora Muça

Bronze Certificate for other 4 projects:
– “Green Lovers” presented by: Besjona Spahija, Aren Spahija, Amela Simoni and Neva Jakupi
– “Modernet” presented by: Rei Kanani, Olsi Mbrozi, Franko Kegi and Erlind Vora
– “TapCab” presented by: Luiz Marku, Eugen Nikishiqi, Gesart Miloja and Jasin Okai
– “Foodhunt” presented by: Olger Perai, Erti Muhja, Luis Smakaj and Armend Tahiraga

Public Price

Winner for this year is the project “EOS – Energy Output System”

During the presentations, there was a workshop being held on the Hall, where Manjola Lloja was training our youngsters and making conversation with them on different topics.

RYAS Changemaker Awards Albania Vol. 5

High school students of all years can participate in this category with an idea or business plan, focusing on sustainability and positive impact on society. The idea or business plan must fulfill 1 of the 17 global objectives of sustainable development. Engaged young people who believe that their ideas will bring positive changes for themselves, society and the whole globe.

This years winners for the RYAS Changemaker Category are:

Gold Certificate
– “MyFamily” presented by: Najda Musta, Leonis Dushi, Franceska Duraku, Fatjona Ceni

Silver Certificate
– “HydroBot” presented by: Maria Vathkruja, Daniel Bistri, Ledi Fusha

Bronze Certificate for 2 projects:
– “elektrocars service” presented by: Endri Hysaj, Abedin Smajlaj, Enea Salihi
– “N’der t artit” presented by: Stejsi Moli, Andrea Jaku

Our panel of esteemed jury members comprises industry leaders, accomplished entrepreneurs, and seasoned professionals who possess a wealth of experience and expertise. They bring a diverse range of perspectives and insights to the table, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation process.

Next Generation:

Prof. As. Ersida B. Teliti – Lecturer at Tirana University and Executive Director of Qendra “Konsumatori Shqiptar”/ Albanian Consumer Center.

Mrs. Romina Kali – Lawyer, “Roots” Association Co-Founder, Legal Specialist – Municipality of Shkodra, Trainer, Facilitator

Ms. Sabahet Lishi – President at Rotary Club Shkoder and Insurance Specialist

Mr. Roel Smits – Representing “Welcome in den Bosch”, part of One World Citizens from the Netherlands.


Mr & Mrs Wieser (Thomas Wieser & Waltraud Wieser) – Representing Rotary Club Saalfelden, financing organization of this program since 2018

Mrs. Monique van Dam – Representin One World Citizens in the Netherlands, partner of YEA! in ERASMUS + programs

Mrs. Jona Leqejza – Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Mrs. Voltana Ademi – Former mayor of Shkodra and local government expert

YEA! Awards 2023 is supported financially by Rotary club saalfelden and in collaboration with Shkodrarinore, Bashkia Shkoder, Universiteti Europian i Tiranes, Next Generation Award Austria, IFTE, Oneworldcitizens, Projekt Albanien, YouthStart European Entrepreneurship Award.

Thank you all!!!