1. Workshop “Brainstorming & Idea Finding”


Impressions from the YEA! Workshop #1

YEA! – Young Entrepreneurs Albania organized an
Entrepreneurship workshop on 11th February 2023, with a focus on #Brainstorming
& #IdeaFinding for high school students’ part of the YEA! Awards 2023. The
workshop was designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about
the essentials of entrepreneurship, how to generate ideas, and how to develop
them into successful businesses. The keynote speaker of the event was Manjola
Lloja Bushati, a successful entrepreneur who shared her experience and lessons
from her business journey.

The workshop was held at Qendra Rinore Atelie in Shkodra,
and it was attended by around 40 students from different high schools. The
workshop started with an introduction from the CEO of YEA! Mr. Gernot
Scheffknecht to entrepreneurship and the importance of idea generation in the
business world. Then, Manjola took the stage and shared her personal journey of
entrepreneurship, highlighting the challenges she faced and the lessons she
learned along the way.

Manjola’s talk was followed by a brainstorming session, where the students were divided into small groups and encouraged to generate as many ideas as possible. The students were given a set of prompts to help them focus on specific areas, such as social entrepreneurship, technology, or environmental sustainability. The facilitators of the workshop provided guidance and feedback to the students during the brainstorming session.

We thank our donors and partners for supporting and financing this program and we invite the students to be part of the next workshop on 25th February 2023 at the same place where specialguest will be Mr. Said Duleviç 

YEA! – Dream it, Love it, DO it!

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