3. Workshop “Financial plan & Trademark registration”


 On March 18th, 2023, YEA! hosted the workshop #3 “Financial Plan & Trademark Registration” for high school students that are part of YEA! Awards 2023. The workshop was led by two esteemed guests, Jona Leqejza and Moreno Malevi, who shared their insights and expertise on these important topics, that will help student to prepare their business Ideas/Plans.

The workshop began with Jona Leqejza’s informative talk on financial planning. She covered a variety of topics, such as budgeting, saving, and investing. She emphasized the importance of creating a solid financial plan early, as it can have a significant impact on future financial stability for their business and life.

Following Jona’s presentation, Moreno Malevi took the stage to talk about trademark registration. He explained what trademarks are and how they can protect a company’s brand identity. Moreno also discussed the legal aspects of registering a trademark, including the application process and potential challenges.

Overall, the workshop was a resounding success. We are grateful to our special guests, Jona Leqejza and Moreno Malevi, for sharing their time and expertise with our high school students. We hope that the knowledge gained from this workshop will help them make informed decisions about their financial future and understand the importance of protecting their intellectual property.

As always, workshop concluded with a Q&A session, during which the students had the opportunity to ask Jona and Moreno their burning questions.

We thank our #donors & #partners for supporting us and making possible that YEA! Awards to keep going and we invite the students on the next workshop with the topic “Presentation Techniques & Fundraising”

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