4. Workshop “Presentation Techniques & Fundraising”


On the 25th of March 2023, a workshop was held at the YEA! Center in Shkoder for high school students. The workshop was focused on the topic of Presentation Techniques & Fundraising, taught and held by Greta Topjana, a presenter at Euro News Albania. The aim of the workshop was to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to create effective presentations and to fundraise for their school projects.

The workshop started with a lecture from Greta Topjana. She introduced the topic of effective presentations and fundraising, and then went on to discuss the importance of visual aids, body language, and tone of voice. Greta Topjana emphasized the need for students to focus on their message and to ensure that their presentation is clear, concise, and engaging. She also provided practical tips on how to create visual aids, including the use of images, videos, and infographics.

After the lecture, the students were divided into small groups and given the task of creating a presentation on a fundraising idea for their school projects. Greta Topjana then worked with each group to guide them through the process of developing their ideas and creating their presentations. She provided individualized feedback and helped each group to refine their ideas and improve their presentation skills.

Overall, the workshop was a great success. The students gained valuable knowledge and skills in the areas of presentation techniques and fundraising, which they can apply to their school projects and future endeavors. The guest speaker, Greta Topjana, was engaging and knowledgeable, and provided excellent guidance and feedback to the students. The YEA! Center hopes to continue to offer workshops like this in the future to help students develop their skills and achieve their goals.

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